Commercial: community center

 The goal of Solar Connections was to create a farmhouse that concentrates on environmental sustainability by utilizing the sun and natural elements for cleansing and warmth. As the sun creates life that sustains both the human body as well as other plants and animals, the sun also provides a source of energy for all living things, as well as the building. The design encapsulates photosynthetic life.

Residential: single family home

 The goal of Nestled Ignation was to create a housing unit that focuses on the natural wonders of Zimbabwe’s igneous balancing rocks and the physics behind this phenomenon. While concentrating on the use of South Africa’s local materials and rich deposits, and the bright colors of San Francisco’s geography and architecture, the space was designed to inspire adventure and spark imagination.

Hospitality: HOTEL and venue

 Electric Sky Hotel encapsulates all that is whimsical, imaginative, interactive and inspirational about the electronic music festival EDC, while concentrating on the continuous use of sacred geometry, color theory, light, and the use of hand-picked energy-altering gemstones throughout the space. The Vesica Piscis is conceptually visible to the interactive user as the space is experienced.


Matopeolan’s project development began by studying the definition of “universal beauty” and buildings that are considered to be universally beautiful. The two buildings that I found most inspiring, and both considered to be universally beautiful, were the Hagia Sophia and Barcelona Pavillion. Reflection, space, and time are all elements shared between the two buildings. This is where the concept developed: a wine bar that demonstrates the exercise of light and reflectivity.

HOSPITALITY: small plates

Decorflay’s conceptual development began by researching the Canary Island Date Palm. What I found the most interesting about the palm tree is the way the layers peel back over time, but do not fall off. This was the conceptual inspiration for the design. In the design, you will see structural and furniture pieces that not only appear to peel back from the walls, floors, and ceiling, but additionally, physically represent the verb and the act of peeling.


Secluded Revival is a tiny home whose design was inspired by the busy and exciting lifestyle of its’ owners. While keeping sustainability in the forefront, this home’s goal was to reflect nature, and all of the places the home has yet to travel to. You see this represented through the color scheme, the use of large windows (quite literally connecting you to the outdoors), and through the application of materials throughout the home.