Intimate, bright, colorful, adventurous.

Nestled Ignation began as a residential project for a couple that met in South Africa, and have goals to reside in San Francisco, California. I began this project by comparing and contrasting the two places, finding many similarities. I discovered that both San Francisco and Zimbabwe shared gold as a main source of initial income, and that the geography related to rocks and earthquakes are prevalent in both places. I decided to go deeper with this, discovering the balancing rocks of Zimbabwe and the physics behind them. I found that the rocks have a resting area called a contact, or small depression which homes the curves of additional rocks, causing a very delicate balance. There are three points around the edge of this depression, forming a triangle, the strongest geometric shape known to man.

This discovery lead to the development of Nestled Ignation’s concept as the design combines the triangular shape, as well as shared colors and elements of both Zimbabwe and San Francisco.

—process behind nestled ignation—


Pasi Pano

Meaning ‘Earthly’, in Shona, brings together all that is derived from our planet: wood, stone, geometry, and color. All things that inspired this marriage of African meets West Coast design.


Maroons, Blues and Oranges..

are the primary colors the user will experience throughout this total design. The palette reflects the exciting colors you experience while taking a walk down any of San Francisco’s painted streets, while the splashes of metal tie together the source of initial income for both Zimbabwe and San Francisco: gold.

IMG_1839 (2).JPG

Upon Further Investigation..

I discovered that if you broke down Zimbabwe to its’ etymology, it literally consisted of both houses “dzimba'“, and stones “mabwe”.


And thus began

the exploration of incorporating the overlap of rocks and houses and their potential application.



The Kitchen

combines all that is light West Coast blues to African oranges. Stone is featured on both the backsplash, as well as the countertops. The gold is more subtle, in the accessories; and the triangular shape is seen on the kitchen floor.

The Balance between the application of light woods on the ceiling and dark woods on the floor, make for an open feeling space with high ceilings.


A space to unwind..

Both living spaces radiate; combining natural African materials with splashes of bright San Franciscan colors. The geometry of a triangle is also apparent in the wall coverings, the area rug, and the furniture.


The Master

truly brings together all elements. From the African orange, to the San Franciscan red;

Splashes of gold to natural woods and stones;

The furniture physically representing the act of balance; This is a place to call home.

Alice's room.jpg

A space for curiosity

The smaller room offers a space for imagination, while truly combining the most exciting shades of blue, red, and orange; splashes of gold in the accessories and furniture can be seen throughout the room, and the most sturdy of all geometric shapes, the triangle, in the furniture and carpet.

A room should never allow the eye the settle in one place.
It should smile at you and create fantasy.
— Juan Montoya