Sacred, transitional, colorful, expressional.

The conceptual design process for this project began by studying the Flower of Life and the Vesica Piscis, a form of sacred geometry that is found heavily in the culture of EDC attendees. The Flower of Life is a geometric shape that reflects the energy of conscious expansion, and its infinite abilities. As the vibrational energy of the horus expands and creates additional circles, the created overlap is called the Vesica Piscis. This design concentrates on the Vesica Piscis, featuring an art gallery in the center, representing the initial energy. Each surrounding space showcases art relative to its function, therefore representing the Flower of Life in the floor plan. The design also features other cultural traditions such as the use of gemstones and color theory to assist with mental stimulation or relaxation.



Inspired by

the entire palette of the rainbow in contrast to the dark, mysterious light, Electric Sky Hotel draws what is mysterious and curious about light theory and extreme contrast.


Color is everything

imaginative, whimsical, and playful. Soft, magical purples meet with the light orange to show contrast between light and dark. Blues, pinks and uv reactive colors offer contrast to the black night.




Every floor plan

emphasizes a middle overlap, the vesica piscis, which features a light up stair installation that has steps in the shape of a petal, to resemble the ‘flower’ of life.



The bar and club

feature stunning glass blown flower sculptures, animating those from the festival grounds. The flower of life is seen in a lighting installation in the flooring, and the wavy wall pattern is inspired by the festivals stage design.

To see the video that started it all:


The lounge

at night. Featuring himalayan salt pendants, electric carnival flower art installations, and bottle service seating.


The practice room

offers a space for artists and performers to get artistically messy.


Level one bedrooms

offer solitude, while still applying the basic emotional impact of orange color theory to provide warmth, energy, cheer, vitality, and good health. You can also see the flower of life in the bedroom chandelier, and the overlap of the design in the bedroom entertainment chairs.

Bedroom 3 Final.jpg

Level two bedrooms

offer a space to recharge while still being in the middle of the action, and also giving the option for complete solitude. Himalayan salt lines the wall in order to promote a good nights sleep, and healthy air. Orange is applied to offer warmth, energy, cheer, vitality and good health.

Blue Bedroom Print.jpg

Level three rooms

offer solitude while still allowing for space to relax aside from the resting space. In this room, blue color theory is applied, providing a space for peace, serenity, spirituality, and etherealism.

Bedroom 4 Final Test.jpg

Level four bedrooms

offer the ultimate tranquil space, with complete separation from the gathering spaces, and doors and curtains that close off the resting space from the rest of the world. Blue and deep purple color theory is applied, providing a space for peace, serenity, magic, and creativity.

The power of imagination makes us infinite.
— John Muir