“The thing I love about art is that it is a visual expression of ones emotional self; turning that feeling into physical space to be shared, that is my passion.”

ashleigh lynn warner




 The goal of Nestled Ignation was to create a housing unit that focuses on the natural wonders of Zimbabwe’s igneous balancing rocks and the physics behind this phenomenon. While concentrating on the use of South Africa’s local materials and rich deposits, and the bright colors of San Francisco’s geography and architecture, the space was designed to be fun and inspire adventure,.


 Solar Connections focus is to create a farmhouse that concentrates on environmental sustainability by utilizing the sun and natural elements for cleansing and warmth. As the sun creates life that sustains both the human body as well as other plants and animals, the sun also provides a source of energy for all living things, as well as the building. You will experience this throughout the design.



 This boutique hotel encapsulates all that is whimsical, imaginative, interactive and inspirational about the electronic music festival EDC, while concentrating on the continuous use of sacred geometry, color theory and light, and the use of hand-picked energy altering gemstones throughout the space. The Vesica Piscis is conceptually visible to the interactive user as the space is experienced.

Intimate, bright, colorful, adventurous.

Nestled Ignation began as a residential project for a couple that met in South Africa, and have goals to reside in San Francisco, California. I began this project by comparing and contrasting the two places, finding many similarities. I discovered that both San Francisco and Zimbabwe shared gold as a main source of initial income, and that the geography related to rocks and earthquakes are prevalent in both places. I decided to go deeper with this, discovering the balancing rocks of Zimbabwe and the physics behind them. I found that the rocks have a resting area called a contact, or small depression which homes the curves of additional rocks, and they nestled into each depression. There are three points around the edge of this depression, forming a triangle, the strongest geometric shape known to man.

This discovery lead to the development of Nestled Ignation’s concept.

Conscious, sustainable, inspirational, environmental.

Solar Connections developed as a community farmhouse for Frogtown Farm in Saint Paul. The goal was to create a hub for healthy food systems that fill the gap in production, storage, manufacturing, and distribution. With spokes that reach beyond it’s acreage and the Frogtown Farm neighborhood, it willl be a destination for those seeking learning, innovation, reflection, celebration and authentic community. The beginning of this concept came from the phrase, “make hay while the sun shines.” I wanted to take this further by researching facts about the sun. I discovered sun gazing, an act of staring directly at the sun during dusk or dawn while standing barefoot on the ground. This act is one practiced by many monks and is believed to increase melatonin, improve dream recall, improve eyesight and quality of sleep, increase the human pineal gland size, improve endocrine health, boost energy and increase serotonin.

This study was the beginning of Solar Connections’ conceptual design.


Sacred, transitional, colorful, expressional.

The conceptual design process for this project began by studying the Flower of Life and the Vesica Piscis, a form of sacred geometry that is found heavily in the culture of EDC attendees. The Flower of Life is a geometric shape that reflects the energy of conscious expansion, and its infinite abilities. As the vibrational energy of the horus expands and creates additional circles, the created overlap is called the Vesica Piscis. This design concentrates on the Vesica Piscis, featuring an art gallery in the center, representing the initial energy. Each surrounding space showcases art relative to its function, therefore representing the Flower of Life in the floor plan. The design also features other cultural traditions such as the use of gemstones and color theory to assist with mental stimulation or relaxation.


Blue Bedroom Print.jpg